Appliance Recycling

Recycle and Save

Ready to upgrade or get rid of an old refrigerator or freezer?

Recycle it and save energy! Older, inefficient appliances can cost hundreds of dollars each year to operate. Schedule a free pick up for your outdated, functioning appliances and earn cash incentives from the Energy Optimization program!

Appliance Recycling Flyer

Item Recycling Classification Cash Incentive Amount

Refrigerator (Full size, 10 cubic feet or larger)

Primary $50

Chest Freezer (10 cubic feet or larger)

Primary $50

Window Air Conditioner

Ride along item $15


Ride along item $15

What items qualify for pick up?

Full-size refrigerators and chest freezers are eligible for free pick up. If a truck is coming to your residence to retrieve one of these items, other qualifying items can also be sent for recycling. Please notify the call center when scheduling your appointment if you have additional items you would like recycled. Limit: Two primary appliances and two ride along items per year.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Contact the Energy Optimization team at 877.296.4319 to schedule an appointment. 
Our scheduling center is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.

What information is needed to schedule a pick up?

Please have the following information available when calling to schedule an appointment:

  • Account holder name and number for your electric utility (found on your monthly statement)
  • Home address where the appliance(s) will be picked up
  • Contact phone number(s)
  • List of items you would like to have picked up and recycled

How do I prepare for an appliance pick up?

  • Please be sure there is a clear path for our team to access and remove the appliance.
  • Appliances should be unplugged and empty for at least 24 hours prior to pick up (no frost, food or moisture inside at the time of pick up).
  • Ensure you can demonstrate that each appliance is functional prior to hauling them away.
  • A resident 18 years or older must be present at the time of pick up.

Did you know?

  • Refrigerators 15 years or older use twice as much energy as a new ENERGY STAR® refrigerator.
  • You can save as much as $260 over the next five years and reduce your carbon footprint by 8,200 pounds when replacing an old refrigerator with ENERGY STAR. Find exact savings with the ENERGY STAR Savings Calculator.
  • New ENERGY STAR refrigerators come in a variety of styles – from side by side and French door to bottom freezer and four door – whatever you need to meet your needs and match your kitchen décor.
  • Recycle your old one to save even more plus keeping old refrigerant and foam from getting into the environment can prevent an extra 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution!
  • The average refrigerator aged 10 years or older contains more than 120 pounds of recyclable steel!
  • See how an old fridge or freezer gets recycled!

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Shopping for a new appliance?

Energy Optimization also offers cash incentives for purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. Visit the Energy Optimization ENERGY STAR page to learn how to save energy and money when shopping for new appliances, televisions, thermostats, lighting products, and more.