Midstream HVAC

Ever wish you could provide your customers with immediate cost savings for the installation of energy-efficient products instead of processing an incentive application? Good news, now you can!

The Energy Optimization program will be testing a residential midstream incentive pilot program for qualified HVAC and water heating products starting in January 2019.

How does a midstream program work?

  • The equipment incentive is provided as an instant discount when a contractor purchases eligible equipment from a participating distributor.
  • This eliminates the need for completing and submitting an incentive application.
  • Reduces the upfront costs for you and your residential customers to purchase high-efficiency equipment.
  • The full incentive amount must be passed along to the homeowner.
  • A line item must be included on the invoice to the customer indicating the instant incentive amount.

Which electric utilities are participating?

Residential members of the following electric utility providers with electric service in Michigan are eligible for the instant incentives:

  • Cloverland Electric
  • Great Lakes Energy
  • HomeWorks Tri-County Electric
  • Midwest Energy & Communications
  • Presque Isle Electric & Gas

Participating dealers and locations

Alpena Supply Co
410 S 11th Ave
Alpena, MI 49707
Great Lakes Pipe & Supply
901 Dickerson Rd
Gaylord, Mi 49735
555 Porter Street
Petoskey, MI 49770
Young Supply Company
Ann Arbor
1200 Rosewood St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Holland, MI
235 Hoover Blvd
Holland, MI 49423
1130 Ramada Dr
Lansing, MI 48911
Holland, OH
1058 Hamilton Dr
Holland, OH 43528
Grand Rapids
954 Front Ave
NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504
5737 East Cork St
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Traverse City
3153 Cass Rd
Traverse City, MI 49684
Toledo OH
1915 Monroe St
Toledo OH 43604

Which products qualify for the midstream instant incentives?

Measure Incentive Amount
ECM Blower Motor
  • New furnace with ECM
  • New air handler with ECM
  • ECM replacement motor for existing furnace or air handler
Central Air Conditioner
  • Minimum SEER 15.0
SEER 15.0-15.9 = $150
SEER 16.0-16.9 = $250
SEER 17.0-18.9 = $350
SEER 19.0+ = $500
Central Air-Source Heat Pump
  • Minimum SEER 15.0 and HSPF 8.5
SEER 15.0-15.9 = $250
SEER 16.0-16.9 = $350
SEER 17.0-18.9 = $500
SEER 19.0+ = $750
Mini/Multi Split Air-Source Heat Pump
  • Minimum SEER 19.0 and HSPF 9.0
  • Must provide both heating and cooling
$700 per outdoor unit
$50 per indoor unit
HVAC Combo Bonus
  • Install a new qualifying ECM blower motor AND new central air conditioning, air-source heat pump, or ground-source heat pump system at the same time.
$100 Bonus
Smart HVAC Combo Bonus
  • Install a new qualifying ECM blower motor AND new central air conditioning, air-source heat pump, or ground-source heat pump system AND Wi-Fi thermostat at the same time.
$150 Bonus
Efficient Circulation Pump $100
Heat Pump Water Heater EF or UEF ≥2.0 $500

What information is needed when purchasing equipment to receive the instant incentives?

  • Customer’s electric utility account number
  • Customer’s first and last name (as it appears on their electric bill)
  • Installation address

How will your customer’s information be used?

The distributor will use the information to verify that your customer is a member of a participating electric utility and is eligible for the instant incentives. Customers will also be mailed a thank you postcard and brief survey after the installation is complete.

We highly encourage you to participate in the midstream program pilot, but want to let you know that the standard paper incentive application will still be available for incentive processing.

Program questions

Any questions, please reach out to Trade Ally Account Representative, Dianna Cacko by calling 734-957-2850 or emailing dcacko@weccusa.org

Participating utilities