C&I and Agribusiness Trade Allies

Thanks for helping us save energy in Michigan!

Thanks for being a part of the Energy Optimization program team. We value your partnership and are dedicated to making your experience with our programs positive, productive, and valuable. Below, you’ll find links to our member utilities pages where you can locate all of the current applications and forms you will need to complete a project.

Bonus Rewards

C&I and Agribusiness Trade Ally Reward Application
Contractors may be eligible for a reward up to $400 when submitting an error-free incentive application on behalf of their customers. Customers get a great incentive for energy-saving improvements, and contractors receive a reward in the amount of up to 20 percent of the customer’s incentive. Trade Ally Rewards are limited to a total of $5,000 per Trade Ally per calendar year.


Available Incentives 

Commercial & Industrial Rebate Guide
A complete list of financial incentives available to make energy-saving improvements more affordable for businesses.

Sample Invoice

A complete rebate application should include an attached invoice detailing the costs of the project. Here is an example of an itemized invoice that includes the required information.

Trade Allies Overview
We help connect electric utility members and customers with local professionals who can help them select the best energy efficient products and equipment.

Find a Trade Ally
Search for a list of participating trade allies in your area.