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Did you know that certain household problems are signs of energy issues? Problems such as mold and mildew, ice dams, and overall discomfort can be attributed to inefficiencies in your home. Alger Delta Electric Cooperative’s Online Home Survey can help make your home better by providing a unique online tool to assess the energy performance of your home. This program introduces Home Energy Optimizer an online resource to help you better understand and manage your home's energy use and costs. Home Energy Optimizer provides a complete, comprehensive analysis of your home's energy use and identifies cost saving opportunities.

Benefits of an Online Home Survey:

  • Complete the comprehensive home energy audit and receive a report online.
  • Obtain energy information and tips that you can use to help reduce energy use.
  • Quickly estimate your current annual energy use and compare it to your energy use after efficiency upgrades by simply clicking the calculate button at anytime.
  • The upgrade recommendation report allows you to view estimated energy savings and determine the payback.
  • Receive a FREE energy saving kit (containing: 5 CFLs, 1 energy-efficient bath aerator, 1 energy-efficient kitchen aerator and 1 energy efficient shower head) when you complete the Home Energy Optimizer.

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