About Residential Programs

There are many residential programs and incentives that are currently available through the Energy Optimization program.


Appliance Recycling

Get a $50 cash incentive for recycling an old, but still-working refrigerator or freezer. Includes free pickup.

Efficient HVAC

Get great cash incentives from $20-$500 on programmable thermostats, furnaces, central AC systems and more.


In-store and mail-in cash incentives toward qualifying ENERGY STAR lighting and appliances.

Home Performance

Receive a comprehensive home energy audit to identify and implement energy efficiency improvements.

Income Qualified Services

Income Qualified Services help customers in need of assistance to complete energy-saving home improvements.

Manufactured Homes

This program helps qualified residents improve the comfort and energy performance of manufactured homes.

Online Home Audit

Free energy-saving products for completing an online home energy survey. Provides tips for making upgrades right away.